Monday, November 30, 2009

Tips for staying SLIM during the holidays

Hey guys,
I have put together some tips and ideas to keep your body looking it's best during the holiday season. Of course we all want to east excessively and be couch potatoes, but come January, you will be sorry if you chose that route. Check out my easy tips you can practice every day in your own home!

1. Don't overeat. It's expected to eat a lot of the holidays, but never over-indulge. Have goals. "I will allow myself a little piece of chocolate every couple days." or "I will allow myself to eat carbs, but I will skip dessert." Goals go a long way and help keep you balanced. Eating whatever you want for 2 months and saying you will deal with it later could be a disaster.

2. Try to exercise daily. When I say exercise, it could be as little as taking a walk, or
doing 20 sit-ups in your house. Many of us skip the long workout sessions or gym runs during the holidays. That's ok! But don't completely forget about getting some exercise. Not only will you keep those couple pounds off, but you will also save yourself the headache when it's time to start working out regularly again.

3. Drink water. In the summertime, we drink plenty of water because we are hot and
sweating and our bodies are calling for more hydration. In the winter, we often forget to drink water. However, during the colder months, skin becomes very dry and flaky and actually needs more hydration. Drinking water can cure some of the uncomfortable lip chapping and dry skin. Water also always helps to flush out toxins and waste and keep you slim and trim. Drinking water is always a good idea!

4. Keep future goals in mind. The holiday season doesn't mean forget about everything else in the future and become a couch potato that easts anything, anytime, anywhere! Think of events to come. Do you want to look good for that wedding in February? What about graduation in June? Bikini season in May? These events will be here before you know it. Try to remain focused on your goals of looking and feeling your best at all times. As far as you know, sometime may even pop up around the holiday time that calls for you to look fabulous!

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