Thursday, April 29, 2010

Feel Beautiful Outdoors in Spring

As spring rolls around, we feel the urge to go outdoors, enjoy the trees and flowers, start our workouts again, and relax in the warm weather. But after months of winter eating and hibernating, we're not always in the best shape when it's time to show our faces again. Here are some quick tips to feeling better and getting back on track for summer.

1. Splurge on a spring wardrobe addition. I always treat myself to a new piece of clothing or an accessory that I can wear when the weather gets warmer. Be sure to keep it season-appropriate. Look forward to summer by purchasing shorts or open toe sandals.

2. Get a mani-pedi. No one knows what those toenails look like until that first day of spring rolls around and we decide to finally kick off the boots and socks. Don't forget the cracked hands and nails. When you look beautiful, you feel beautiful. Nothing puts you in a summer mood faster than a fresh coat of bright orange or pink to show off your new sandals.

3. Begin a new workout. It's only spring, so don't worry that you haven't started working on your bikini body yet. Though summer is approaching fast, you still have time to develop enthusiasm to work out. Don't start tomorrow or next week; start today! If you don't like going to the gym, find exercises you can do in your own home. Women's Health makes a great training guide that allows you to see results in two weeks. All the exercises, such as squats, sit-ups, and ab workouts, can be done in your living room. The book also contains a food guide to keep you on track - which leads me to my next point.

4. Give up bad carbs and drinks with high sugar. It's hard to go on a strict diet and not eat any of the things we love, so try just trimming a few items. Instead of sugary cereals, eat oatmeal for breakfast. Exchange the fruit juices for water or iced tea. Replace your favorite white pastas with whole wheat pasta. Little changes like these go a long way.

5. Get a tan. Almost everyone would agree that people with a tan look healthier, prettier, and almost always feel better. A safer alternative to the fake-n-bake option is a spray tan or a bronzing powder. There are many products available to create the perfect summer skin tone.

6. Think of the changing season as a new beginning. Do a thorough spring cleaning of your house. Go through your old boxes, unworn clothes, piled-up mail, and just sort! The best peace of mind is having a clean and uncluttered home. Give away all unwanted clothes and unused items.

7. Last but not least, take a walk or enjoy a picnic outdoors. Nothing makes you feel better than experiencing nature. Take a break. Put aside time to feel the earth changing and nature bringing new life. Say goodbye to winter and hello to fragrant blossoms, fresh green grass, and warm spring breezes.

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