Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Healthy Summer Tips

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Healthy Summer Tips

Finally summer is here! After such a bad, long winter in New York, I never expected summer to actually show up. Now that it’s come around, take a look at these tips to keep yourself looking and feeling good.

Just add Lemon: If you’re like me and don’t really enjoy drinking a lot of water, put a slice of lemon in it. Not only does lemon give water a great taste, but it also controls hunger cravings and cleanses your body. Lemon juice also aids in heartburn, bloating and belching. In the summertime, it’s very important to stay hydrated. Think of other fun ways to add flavor to keep you drinking!

Take your Vitamins: I’m not only talking about a daily vitamin. Studies show that people who take Vitamin C supplements along with vitamin B complex are far less likely to get sick. B vitamins also have a positive effect on many parts of the body including digestion, energy production and healthy skin and hair. Who wants to be sick in the summer anyway?

Lather on Sunscreen: Obviously we have all heard this a million times, and many of us are already using sunscreen in the summer AND winter. But, there are some places of our bodies that are usually overlooked. Always spray and comb sunscreen in your hair. A lot of dry and damaged hair comes not only from products and flat irons, but also from the sun! You’ll be amazed at how much better your hair will look in this humidity if you keep it from frying in the sun. Another place that we should always apply sun block is to the back of our hands. Hands have very thin tissue that can damage quickly causing sunspots and wrinkles. If you’ve ever heard that you can tell a woman’s age by her hands, it’s usually true! That’s why we need to fight against the sun (as lovely as it feels to soak it up.)

Don’t forget about Bugs: One of the bad things about summer is that there are a million bugs everywhere! Unfortunately, some of them live to bite us. I just got back from the Caribbean where I got attacked by sand flies. If you know what they are, enough said. If not, let me tell you. Sand flies make mosquitoes seem like harmless ladybugs. When they bite you, they leave huge welts on your skin that can itch up to two weeks! Not only will you look like you have the chicken pox, but you will be miserable itching and scratching. And the more you scratch, the more they swell up.
So do yourself a favor and buy some bug spray. Bring it to the beach and anywhere outdoors at sunset when bugs love to attack.

Have a healthy, happy summer!

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